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Forget Rickshaw Dumpling on 8th St.


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Forget Rickshaw Dumpling on 8th St.

sing me a bar | | Sep 22, 2007 03:35 PM

What a disaster! Especially after the anticipation while they opened months behind schedule.Why did a friend tell me ( the other branch) wasn't bad? I ventured into the 8th st. one and got some of the steamed "szechuan chicken" ones. You can order them just in a container, in soup or on a sald. The salad looked really dry and aged, so I went with the simple unembellished dumplings. Basically cold, maybe one degree toward tepid, they were really hard, with the edges the consistency of dry cardboard. I guess the idea is, once they're in the soup they'll warm up. The chili vinaigrette looked right, with a color that promised some chili oil, but once I poured it, I discovered it was this watery yuck, with no real kick. A large group of young Asian college kids were at a table trying various fare. They were laughing and groaning at how bad it was. I wish I'd gone across the street, for the small steamed dumplings at Cafetasia, which have a little garlic flavor and perfect consistency.I mistakenly thought if a place specializes in dumplings, they'd be better than at an all around restaurant. Wrong! Also, you surrender your receipt when you go to the pick-up window, so you have no recourse when you come back after discovering the dumplings are cold and revolting. The staff was totally green and clueless. They had a medium long line and only one register was open. A girl was trying to get the second one up and running, unsuccessfully. The manager was staring vacantly as he counted out a bunch of ones he had just gotten with which to make change.This was at 8! Gee, you might've wanted to think of that before you opened.