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Finally made it to Shopsin's!


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Finally made it to Shopsin's!

steakrules85 | Aug 4, 2009 01:46 PM

Alright so I finally made it to Shopsin's today on my day off from work. Arrived at about 1:45 and there was no wait. As soon as I sat down my server gave me a nice tall glass of water, which I sorely needed since I was coming in from the 90 degree heatwave outside.

I pretty much studied the menu before I came knowing how long it is, but I just ran through it one more quick time to see if there was any new additions or anything different. Luckily, it was the same exact menu I had been looking at for the past week lol. And yes it takes a while to study the menu, still about 500 items on it.

So, the server came back and I proceeded to go with half order of mac n cheese pancakes, half order of slutty cakes, and an egg burrito. I then said to him, "What kinda shakes you got?", which prompted him to look at me and say "Dude that's a lot of fuckin food". I was like um yeah? He goes yeah and to answer your question we can make any shake you can think of... but thats a lot of food. "If you are still hungry after you eat all that I'll get you a shake". Fair enough I thought. So then came out the food and yeah he was right.. it was a ton of food. I got through 2 mac n cheese, 2 slutty, and a decent portion of the egg burrito, leaving about half of the tortilla but I ate most of the inside (eggs, rice, beans, greens, cheese).

I have to say the food came out fast, hot, and it was really good. I loved the slutty cakes especially. If you like pistachio, PB, cinnamon these are for you. The mac and cheese pancakes were also really good but I don't think they are destination worthy. Egg burrito also really tasty. Definitely want to go back and get a shake and try the sliders. Kenny was there and on his best behavior too for all who wanted to know.

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