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FINALLY! New Eats in Alameda - Dragon Rouge


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FINALLY! New Eats in Alameda - Dragon Rouge

sakura58 | | Feb 27, 2007 12:54 AM

(This is a re-post since I accidentally posted it on the CALIFORNIA heading instead of this one! Oops~)
WoW! This brand new restaurant is exactly what the east bay needs. Fun creative drinks, unique and tasty food, great ambiance, and at affordable prices!

I highly recommend trying the Aloe Saketini , it's light, crisp and sweet without being syrupy... just try a little taste, it's So Goooood!

I am a carpaccio fanatic so (of course) I loved that they offer this as an one of their appetizers! Also we asked for a basic spring roll and the owner suggested that we try the Dizzy Dragon Sampler which included a roll that is native to the region that his mother was originally from called Phan Thiet...and it's named The Phantastic Roll (I thought that was so cute!) But it's a crispy roll within a soft wrap, totally different from any spring roll I've ever tried. This roll beats the hell outta Le Chevals shrimp rolls!

Being with a large party we ordered the Mekong "Nine Dragon" Delta Skewer Platter and I would recommend doing that since you will find your own favorites out of the assortment. Mine's the Chicken for sure~

I can't wait to go back and try the Clay Pot dishes and the Chicken Curry w/french bread (which seemed like a popular choice among the employees) The appetizers are around $6-$8, entrees $8-$14 and this is the DINNER MENU prices! The only thing I hope is that this place doesn't get too packed now that I'm letting the cat outta the bag! for the lunch and dinner menu


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