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Family friendly restaurants in Tokyo

travellingday | | Nov 3, 2012 09:06 AM

Hi all

We are bringing our kids aged 3 and 7 to Tokyo this December and will be staying in Ginza and Shinjuku.

I've realised many restaurants do not allow children or do not have a children's menu.

Does anyone have any recommendations for michelin-starred or equivalent restaurants that are family friendly and/or offer a children's menu/a la carte orders (more so for the 3-year-old). Children have not acquired the taste of sashimi or anything raw for that matter. We are big fans of wagyu.

I'm open to any restaurants falling in the following categories:
1. Japanese
2. Sushi
2. Tempura (i'm calling Kondo / Yokota to check tomorrow)
3. Italian

For casual meals I've shortlisted the following joints:
1. Jojoen - yakiniku
2. Seryna - sukiyaki
3. Maisen / Tonki - Tonkatsu
4.Kyorakutei - Soba
5. Uoshin - izakaya
6. Birdland - Yakitori (any other recommendations near Ginza/Shinjuku?)

I'm glad I've gotten my booking at Aronia when we get a night out without the kids so at least we pack in one good meal!

Thanks in advance. Any advice is much appreciated.