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More than fair N.M fare


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More than fair N.M fare

Bruce | | Oct 2, 2000 08:46 PM

Pleasant wk. in N.M. yielded some notewothy eats. But first, much grass to the chowhound who tipped us to Padilla's in Albuq. Long lines of locals ARE a good sign. I use rellenjos as my yardstick, and Padilla's measured up, plus. These are peppers that've come no further than from the local market. Abuela's on the main drag in Bernalillo was good N.M. fare, just a grade below Padilla's (tough graders).
Very good breakfast in Santa Fe to be had at
Tecolote (1200s on Cerillos Rd.) Fine huevos rancheros
(naturally), 6 substantial breads to choose from for Fr. toast which stood firmly on the plate and was silky to the teeth, good breakfast burritos (lots of filling choices) w/ plenty of capsaicin glow to power through the day. Nary a discouraging word from any of the 5 of us.
While it's likely in all the chi-chi mags., Anasazi (S.F.)serves extrordinay food, be it fin, feather or leather. When even the pedestrian parts of the meal (corn kernels, potatoes, chili stew) cause taste buds to go orgasmic, I'm happy to be impressed. Lots of other meals, but these stand out. Also some quite good micro-brews to be had at the Blue Corn Cafe(I'm fairly sure of the name) in Santa Fe. Mange.