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Will expired dry yeast make dough rise?


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Will expired dry yeast make dough rise?

sparkling_girl | | Mar 3, 2010 08:09 AM


While ago, I found three small packages of dry yeast in my pantry which was purchased about 3 years ago! I mixed them with water but can’t remember wether it bubbled or not.

Then made my dough by adding the flour all at once and I watched the dough rising and got twice as big as before.

I then baked the bread and when it came out it was not really chewable, top and buttom of it were so rough and the middle was soft!

I want to learn from my failed experience and make that brear again without it turns out too hard, so here are my questions:

1- What caused the bread to be so hard to chew? Was it the expired dry yeast or adding all the flour at once?

2- If dry yeast which I used (bought 3 years ago) was expired, why did the dough rise?

3- Does expired dry yeast make the dough rise but at the same time make it really hard to chew?

Thanks in advance

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