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Ethnic Cuisines in London


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Ethnic Cuisines in London

tenedor | | Jun 13, 2011 12:14 AM


I'll be visiting London in a few weeks and I'm wondering what ethnic cuisines you feel are particularly worth sampling there. As far as South Asian I am certainly going to try New Tayyabs or Needoo Grill (chime in if you have a preference), but I already eat plenty of North Indian/Pakistani in San Francisco. I would especially like to try some foods that I wouldn't find in the United States, so focus less on Pacific Asian and New World cuisines. Unique regions of large countries would also be interesting.

This is not to suggest that I'm not interested in British food (St. John and Bull & Last are on the itinerary). I would also love to discover some of the more esoteric working class dishes of London and the U.K.

Thank you for your advice, and feel feel to critique any of my plans above.

New Tayyabs
89 Fieldgate St, Poplar, Greater London E1 1, GB

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