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janetofreno | | Nov 18, 2013 01:00 PM

I predict that this little corner of Reno (727 Riverside Dr; just a block or two west of downtown) will soon become a favorite Hound haunt (especially since Beaujolais Bistro is slated to open next door soon). I chanced upon these two adjoining shops when I began to lag during a long morning walk yesterday, and needed some refreshment. I started with a mocha from the Hub: the real deal (no whip and a good strong espresso base, with a beautiful heart in the foam:-). There is limited seating inside but several tables scattered in the park-like area outside. We were sitting there sipping our coffees and thinking about how the seating situation might affect business once winter hits when DH noticed the sign for Dorinda's Chocolates right next door. "Go get us a treat!" So I wandered inside the tiny shop, which apparently has recently moved here from Truckee. The storekeeper was very kind about giving me samples of several of the confections. Their chocolates are all hand-dipped, and they make their own brittles and toffees. The salted caramels are to die for. The chocolate-covered cherries are also very good, but they have a creamy filling around the cherry rather than my preferred liquor. I also bought a couple of dark chocolate covered coconut pieces....with an almond on top. A very upscale and very yummy Almond Joy. All the chocolates are 1.65 per piece except for the clusters which are by the pound. Nothing is cheap but it is all wonderful. These would make a great Christmas/hostess gift. I would glady welcome a dozen of those salted caramels in my stocking!! (hint, hint...:-) Check these places out. The Hub also sells coffee by the pound, and some teas.

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