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Dorchester report

Joanie | | Jun 3, 2002 08:30 AM

So we got off at Fields Corner and wandered around. For an appetizer, we split a small bowl of chicken pho at Pho Hoa on the waiter's recommendation. I'm not much of a soup person (esp. on a 90 degree day) but felt like it was the thing to do. Half a small bowl was a fine amount. Is it automatic to put chili sauce in the soup? Cuz that definitely gave it the punch it needed. After walking from about 900 to 1500 Dot Ave., we ended up at the Blarney Stone for the main course, sandwiches and fries. I had the fried chicken w/ honey mustard ($6.75) which was too honey based but not bad. My friend's bacon cheeseburger looked good ($5.95) and the fries were perfect. Nice Irish bartender, looks like a fun place. But I have to say, there sure wasn't a lot along our walk. A few pubs, a few Viet/Chinese restaurants, Chris' BBQ, a DD and that's about it. Was surprised that Starbuck's hadn't infiltrated yet. We wanted to go up Adams St. to Greenhill's Bakery but we'd walked enough.

Two other quick notes. Coming back from Worcester we hit this place Harry's on the westbound side of Rt. 9. It's basically a clam shack altho they have no outside seating in their big parking lot. Split a fried clam/scallop plate w/ fries and cole slaw ($13.95) and small order of onion rings. The fries were boring but everything else was really good.

And has anyone been to Qiaxong (sp?) Tea place on Shawmut Ave.? We walked in last week after dinner at Dish cuz I wanted something small for dessert like a cookie thinking they'd have baked goods, but it really is just a tea place except for about 4 Asian style pastries that were off to the side. Decided not to get anything and my friend wandered into the back room where there's an aquarium and snapped a picture cuz he had his camera with him. The owner told him that was rude and my friend apologized and took it off the digital camera, but the guy said some other stuff that I can't remember and seemed to be much more of a dick about it than he needed to be. Maybe that's why no one was in there.