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mollyditty | | Mar 25, 2009 01:17 PM

Please help!

I'm having a large group (12+) of people over to my house on Friday night. We're going to be having a Domincan feast!
However, it's right after work, and we're not going to have ample time to really cook etc. It's for a book club....sooo, we need to order.

We're comfortable doing grub hub delivery, since most places I've looked up are in JP/Roxbury, but I have no idea which places are better than other.
OR, what things would travel better! for example, something about delivered Ceviche just sounds wrong....

What are your favorite dominican places? Closer to Charlestown, the better! If it's close enough, I can even go pick up the food and leave the guests for a brief bit.

molly and crew!

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