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lovesfood11 | Sep 6, 2009 08:32 PM

I love the quality of food at this place but now I find the customer service to be so bad that I don't want to go back. The first 10 times I went there I didn't have a problem but when I got some spring rolls to go and ate one in the car I realized the shrimp didn't taste right. I go back inside and tell him the shrimp does not taste fresh can i get something else he said no mam you already ate one so I can not sell it again. Then I said to him how would I know without tasting it if the shrimp was bad? He said the same thing again and went to go talk with a lady in the back. He then asked me what I wanted but in a way that he didn't want to make me anything. I ordered the hawaiin fried rice then he said to me no you can only get the regular fried rice when they are the exact same price. I waited there for a while then finally got my fried rice and it defintely wasn't a regular portion size. Another problem I have with the place is that they're stingy. I really like the sweet and sour sauce that comes with the spring rolls so I always order to sides of this when I'm with my gf and it costs me a dollar each. They give me about one dolop istead of being generous. I usually have to order more than two for me and my gf. I just want some sort of customer service for going there so many times. On the way out i asked for a little sweet and sour sauce because I decided to get three and he asked me for a dollar but gave me half the regular size I just didn't bother saying anything. I still eat here because the food is fresh, tasty, and reasonably priced. I just feel that is you don't think something tastes right you should be given something else so you leave happy.

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