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I'm getting more and more disgusted with "famous chef" cookbooks


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I'm getting more and more disgusted with "famous chef" cookbooks

Howard-2 | Apr 18, 2005 01:02 PM

Earlier today I was looking at a recipe for kim chi that I photocopied a few years ago from the cookbook of a "famous chef", and I was disgusted to see that he'd committed major blunders in this recipe--blunders such that if you followed his recipe, the kim chi just would not taste right.

I happen to know something about kim chi, because I've been making and eating it for years, and I spent 2 frustrating years reading recipes from cookbooks and trying unsuccessfully to make it work. I could not make it work because virtually every recipe I looked at had it wrong. One example: it just will not work right if you do not use *Korean* red pepper.

This author in question specializes in Asian cooking and has a good reputation. This, combined with other things I've read, such as that flap years ago over a cookbook by Sheryl something, lead me to wonder how intelligent, and/or how honest, some of these authors are.

Anyone else feel this way? Or anyone think I'm way off base?

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