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Disappointing sushi at Sakura, Chelmsford


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Disappointing sushi at Sakura, Chelmsford

SunGlow | | Oct 11, 2008 08:57 AM

So my husband and I had sushi at Sakura a few months ago. It didn't blow us away but we weren't revolted either. We decided to give it a second try. Bad idea.

The stereo was blaring hideous Muzak. As it segued from an overwrought piano version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" to a bombastic take on Phantom of the Opera, I began to have second thoughts about our relaxing Friday night out. The place smelled bad, like old fish, rancid deep frying oil and smoke. None of these three odors are normally associated with a good sushi experience. The air was filled with little flies, hopefully from the garden cut flowers on the surrounding tables but still not cool.

To the food. We had a yummy Philadelphia roll. But the California roll was nasty, filled with a brown gooey old avocado that I would have chucked and imitation crab. It clearly said on the menu crab meat, not imitation crab or crab stick. I was ticked, since most restaurants admit on the menus if the crab is not real. The tempura sweet potato roll was greasy and the Chelmsford maki had the yuckiest mouth feel ever - filled with slimy bits and mashed fish. I was able to eat and enjoy the Philadelphia roll but wouldn't try more than one bite of the other rolls.

I know this is Chelmsford. We are landlocked. But this was downright unappealing. We won't be back and will instead head to Kyoto in Tewksbury where the food has been much more consistent.