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Disappointing Dinner at Divino on Sunday


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Disappointing Dinner at Divino on Sunday

vivian | | Sep 25, 2006 05:46 PM

First time at the highly touted (Michael Bauer) Divino in Belmont. Perhaps our expectations were too high, but everything was just mediocre or a touch above. Certainly not worth the prices. Our small, pretty, composed salad of heirloom tomatoes and about one quarter, if that, of a thinly sliced avocado with an odd-tasting (tho not bad) dressing was $9.50. We shared the home made chard, ricotta, and pine nut ravioli,$14.95. The filling was very good but the pasta was way under-cooked, hard and very chewy edges. More dough than filling. Quite good walnut sauce, tho the nuts were finely ground and not recognizable but imparted a nice flavor. We also had the supposedly home-made gnocchi with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarrella,$14.75. The gnocchi looked mass-produced and were leaden. A bit more sauce would have helped swallow these doughy pellets. Obviously, these couldn't be the same light and airly pillows described in other reviews.

We could have dealt with the so-so food, if it weren't for the discomfort we felt at this restaurant. We have never felt so rushed thru a meal. We had to grab on to the plates and platters so we could finish off the last morsels. We weren't asked if we were through. Everything happened fast. We barely had a chance to puruse the menu before the waiter was there to take our order. Table was cleared between dishes before we had finished eating. The man was so eager to rapidly clear the table that he almost took my glasses case. It wasn't as if they needed the table. The place was busy but not full. The noise level was uncomfortably high. When presented with dessert menus, we were already so disillusioned that we declined, which is very unusual for us.

Our hopes have been dashed, and we won't be returning.