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Disappointed with Meritage - MSP


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Disappointed with Meritage - MSP

faith | | Dec 27, 2008 11:49 AM

I have been wanting to check out Meritage for some time, finally got in there
last night. I was happy with the treatment I got at the door, very polite and
friendly, they asked if I had a reservation and I said no, and they offered me
a 2-top which was preferable to sitting at the bar (I was alone).

I love good gnocchi so ordered them, as well as a salad, figuring if the place
is good their salad dressing will be something worth checking out. (I am a
major salad lover).

The salad was just not very standout- they had grated carrots so finely over
it that they were kind of mushy- not too great. And the dressing had a sharp
mustard/salt taste that was not balanced.

The gnocchi had been salted- not a good idea in my opinion. The salt interfered
with the subtlety of the ricotta in the gnocchi. There was also some good
arugula/walnut pesto under the gnocchi and some grated parmesan cheese.
I will be honest, I am not a major salt person and don't like it when food comes
with salt sprinkled on it in a restaurant- I feel that should be left up to the diner.
I'm fine with salt being used reasonably IN food prepared in a restaurant, of

So I told the server I was not happy with the gnocchi being salted, and she
offered to have them re-done, that was great. Later she came out with another
plate of gnocchi. This time the grated cheese was on the side. And the gnocchi
were salted....AGAIN. I asked the server about it, and she seemed to doubt my
assessment that they had again salted the gnocchi. She wanted to make sure
I tasted it. I had, and indeed there were little grains of salt on it. I asked about
the parmesan being on the side and she said 'because it's salty'.

SOOOO, at that point I asked for something else, gave up on the gnocchi. I
asked if they had any of the chicken matzo ball soup that had been reviewed
favorably. They said yes, and brought some out. It also, was, in my opinion,
oversalted. I didn't complain because at that point I had decided my palate and
Meritage were not compatible. I do feel I can judge restaurant food even though
I don't use much salt in my own cooking. And this place seems to have a problem,
at least with whoever was cooking last night.

I'd love to hear any other opinions on this matter, especially from any others
who have been less than thrilled with Meritage.