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FoiGras | | Mar 23, 2012 05:25 PM

Thanks to all of you with your responses to your favorite potato chips. I sure learned a lot and am on a mission to try to broaden my potato chip horizons..

Now, there are so many fabulously flavored chips. those flavored ones don't really require a dip. But, I'd like to know and have you weigh in with your favorite chip dips and accompaniments. I love Philadelphia whipped cream cheese with chives with russet potato chips--any brand.

I recall, help me here, when I was a kid, my Mom used to make a chip dip using (I think) Campbells' shrimp soup and probably cream cheese and/or sour cream on a Saturday night. We dipped Utz's or Mrs. Ihries' into that thick, creamy dip. I will have to Google to find the recipe, unless one of you Chowhounders can recall.

A friend of mine makes a lemon/pepper/sweet onion/sourcream dip. She won't give out the recipe so that she can keep me coming back to enjoy a sit down smorgasboard of chips and dip and girlfriend time together.

So, I'd love to try different dips--the commercial ones are good.. I just had Helluva brand Ranc dip, and it seemed too salty, as does their French onion. I like Marzetti much better and less salty. And the good old--=Lipton French onion soup mix with sour cream. Tiresome.

Ii know all of you will have so many wonderful recipes and suggestions. FoiGras