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deep fryers

thew | | Jun 4, 2010 04:59 PM

i have an old(ish) DeLonghi deep fryer, which works fine, but i pretty much never use. Why? because there is no easy way to drain the oil. So i'm thinking about retiring it to the country house and getting a new unit for home. I want a good unit, not too small, not ridonkulously big either (NYC apartment dweller), that has an easy way to drain and/or store the oil. Maybe a smell filter too.

OK a quick bit of amazon and google showed me a newer DeLonghi Unit, and a t-fal, but neither had stellar reviews. I liked the drain into a storage unit feature of the t-fal, but several reviewers mentioned spilled oil (although one said he had the same problem until he stopped overfilling it)

Any thoughts? any recommendations?