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Debating Manti in Istanbul


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Debating Manti in Istanbul

antman | | Sep 12, 2009 05:26 AM

Manti, Turkish dumplings, are the source of many a heated debate. Where's the best spot for manti? What is the best type of manti? etc.
While trying to remain neutral I will list of few places with different sorts of manti as a starter to what I hope will be a great manti debate.
1. Traditional Kayseri Manti- typically a smaller dumpling with a light meat filling, boiled and topped with a garlic-spiked yogurt dressing. In Istanbul its easy to find a good handmade manti but Gonul Abla, over on the asian side in Moda takes it to another level. She makes it to order.

2. Foreign Manti- two manti's come to mind in the category: Uighur manti, the big bindle stick variety stuffed with meat and onions. We found a great Uighur place in Fatih recently serving these up. And Circassian manti which look more like a pot sticker and are sometimes filled with a potato hash. These are excellent and hard to find. Ficcin in Beyoglu has them as a special sometimes.

3. Unorthodox Fried Manti- manti generally implies a boiled preparation. But why not fry them? Bodrum Manti in Arnavutkoy has thrown out all conventions- stuffing with spinach and cheese, wheat dough and large, fried manti.

I'd love to hear about your favorite manti experiences.
I've inserted links to my favorites.

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