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Dealing with food snobbery?


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Not About Food

Dealing with food snobbery?

jpschust | | Apr 6, 2007 06:58 AM

OK- my girlfriend and I adore doing the fine dining thing- we love things like foie gras, waygu beef, kobe beef, tartre, etc, but recently we are noticing a lot of people out at our favorite restaurants being what I'd call "food snobs". Really complaining about wet aged vs. dry aged (not just discussing, but complaining when they find out that something is wet aged rather than dry aged) and the such.

Two questions- with the rise in the awareness of food are you encountering more food snobbery?

Second, how do you deal with it when it presents itself at your table?

I'm also curious as to how you define food snobbery.

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