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Cuban Sandwich: Philosophy

Ericshinkle | | May 21, 2007 09:41 PM

I am a new transplant to Miami and I am facinated by the differences of opinion on this humble yet delicious sandwich. My thread is, "what makes a great cuban sandwich great? "
Since I have arrived, I have found a few factors that I enjoy;
1. Puerto Rican bread instead of Cuban bread. (obviously I am not worried about authenticiy) - I find it has a fuller body/crumb to it.
2. Buppies half sour pickles - great crunch! Also, i think the kosher brand is an apt choice for Miami. (never mind that it is a pork based sandwich)
3. Searing the ham before putting it in the sandwich - A time consuming yet rewarding step. A carmelized exterior intensifies the smoky goodness.
4. My girl friend's mojo sour cream. - She won't tell me what is in it, but there is definately garlic, jalepeno, and lime. She says it's important to use it sparingly, otherwise you overpower the...
5 Mustard - I am embarrassed to admit it, but I like Frenches yellow on this sandwich.
Please hold forth! (cheese, layering order, diffiering opinions on the items listed above, etc.)
Be specific!

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