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Crunchy chocolate chip cookies?


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Crunchy chocolate chip cookies?

McBrownie | Apr 1, 2013 11:21 AM

Hey everyone,
Does anybody know of a recipe for crunchy chocolate chip cookies, all the way? not just crunchy at the edges and soft in the middle?
I've tried many recipes but didn't found what I was looking for- They were either crispy and thin, or relying on chopped nuts to provide the crunch, or way-way-waaaay too sweet.
I tried searching for a similar thread, and only came up with some people recommending the Neiman Marcus recipes- but I couldn't really figure out which one of them [the "real" one (with the espresso powder) or the 250$ one (with the ground oats) is really crunchy. Maybe both but I thought I would ask anyway.

My guess is that either high propotions of sugar or oats can contribute to the desired crunch.


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