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Creating a recipe for stuffed shells advice


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Creating a recipe for stuffed shells advice

melpy | | Jan 6, 2012 09:20 AM

I have a ham I want to make for some friends, but some do not eat ham and are basically vegetarian anyway (veg at home but eat it other places- beef and poultry only).

As a side dish I wanted to make a veg friendly main dish that can also be a side that goes with ham. What do you think of stuffed shells with a winter squash sauce?

I am developing the recipe myself and was thinking to stuff the shells with ricotta and spinach mixture and then top the shells with a sauce I will make from the squash (mostly butternut and long neck).

I will also be serving a salad.

Has anyone made something similar or have any tips? I was going to saute onion and use some broth and squash puree for the sauce. I've made a sauce similar for pasta begore but it always had sausage with it so I am apprenhensive about the flavor. Most of us are weight conscious so nothing too rich. The one diabetic should be fine with this menu. Thanks!

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