Copper cookware - Falk vs. Bourgeat


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Copper cookware - Falk vs. Bourgeat

somuchfoodsolittletime | | Feb 16, 2007 03:35 PM

Currently I have a variety of old Calphalon (1990) and Magnalite pieces but would like something newer. The Calphalon pieces I don't use much have all de-anodized and the ones I've used a lot have little nicks and scratches.

When I visited Broadway Panhandler, the Bourgeat 9.5 inch saute pan seemed unbalanced with too much weight in the handle. Has anyone tried the Falk? I prefer no Mauviel. How about the maintenance of the stainless steel and copper? I don't mind the patina as long as it doesn't change the conductivity. Some people seem to prefer the easier maintenance of the brushed finish.

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