Cookware for flat top range.


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Cookware for flat top range.

Czaikah | | Nov 11, 2012 06:46 AM

Hey All!

Just moved into a new house that has a electric flat top stove. I have basically lived with hand-me-down cookware and I am looking to get some new quality stuff. I cook for a family of 3 about 4or5 times a week for dinner.

I have never used a flat top stove. I have read and heard that it does not work well with certain cookware. I have heard or read about an equal amount of good/bad about using cast iron on flat top.

I would really like to have a few pieces of quality copper/copper cored cookware and maybe a cast iron skillet and griddle.

What should I avoid? Is using cast iron that big of a problem? Any recommendations for something specific?


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