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Confusion about Egg Pasta


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Confusion about Egg Pasta

Father Kitchen | | Nov 1, 2011 06:34 PM

Egg noodle and pasta recipes range from simple ones that use just eggs and flour to recipes that add water, salt, oil, or semolina flour. Just read the recipes of Oliver, Hazan, Esposito, Caggiano, and others. And, of course, Chinese pulled noodles add an alkaline agent. I get very good noodles with just eggs and all-purpose flour. Do these other ingredients serve a practical purpose? Perhaps the salt would inhibit gluten formation--since salt is a protease inhibitor. But it would also make the noodles hygroscopic. And oil, which may help with elasticity might also shorten the shelf life of dried noodles. Does anyone have any practical insights into all this?

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