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Coffee Commissary

bsquared2 | | Mar 27, 2010 09:08 PM

Drove by this place on Fairfax Ave. between Melrose and SMB in the retail section of a new apartment complex. Wanted to give them a shout out since it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I finally have a good coffee place within walking distance. The offer micro-roasted beans (can't remember from where but the coffee was good). They also had these weird "lasagna cupcakes" with things like Wild Boar or Venison. I have to try them. Had a pastry and it was good. They also had some pre-made sandwiches (Halibut Confit?) that looked good.

The folks there were nice and friendly and they had patio that will really be great now that the weather is warmer. An added plus is the Centerfold newsstand is within walking distance. This gives the Peet's / Book Soup combo a run for it's money in my book (no pun intended).