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Clover Machines?

BeanBoy | | Jun 24, 2009 10:38 PM

Late to work today, held my nose and went into Buckey's on Market & 3rd for caffeine. I was pleasantly surprised that they have a clover machine going now -- it helped out even the Starbuck's beans that they shoveled inside. The coffee seemed to open up and I could taste flavors I'd never imagine I'd taste inside a Starbuck's paper sippy-cup.

This experience made me wonder where else around the city one might find a clover machine, in a cafe serving nicer beans. . . .

Also, what do other's think of the clover? Is it all hype or is it worth every penny of its $11,000 price tag?

(I shall now say seven hail Blue Bottles, on my Chowhound Coffee-snob decoder-ring for praising Starbucks.)

Starbucks Coffee
7 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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