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Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

How to clean cast iron skillet without having to reseason


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How to clean cast iron skillet without having to reseason

michellenelli | Jan 10, 2014 12:17 PM

Hello everyone! I have been selecting items for my wedding registry and have been regularly reading the posts on this site for advice on what selections I should has been so incredibly helpful! The one question I have that I can't seem to find a specific answer to is how to clean a seasoned cast iron skillet after cooking on it, without having to scour it, remove the season, and then reseason. Or should I plan on reseasoning with the oil/oven process every single time I cook with the pan? I guess I'm just confused because whenever I search for "how to clean cast iron" I only find answers for how to restore old skillets and reseason them. I'd like to know if once a good season is established if I can simply clean up after a meal without reseasoning, and how to do it.

Also, if I purchase a preseasoned pan, should I season it several times before I try cooking in it? Or is the season that arrives on the pan from the manufacturer good enough to just jump into cooking with it? I hope I'm making sense in what I'm asking here, sorry if I'm making this way more confusing than it needs to be!

If it helps at all, I was looking at registering for a 12" Lodge skillet, and can't tell from the item description if this one is even preseasoned or not.

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