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Chloe's American Bistro on Main St. in Hudson


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Chloe's American Bistro on Main St. in Hudson

Kitty | | Sep 23, 2001 09:40 AM

I think I posted about this place a couple weeks ago, looking for some information before the restaurant opened. Well, it opened last week and we tried it this weekend. Three hits and one miss. The warm goat cheese in phyllo was a very generously sized round of mild goat cheese wrapped in a crispy, flaky, non-greasy casing of phyllo (hit!) surrounded by a sweet fruit compote and green salad. Baby spinach salad with roasted pears, roquefort and walnuts was another hit; the pears and roquefort complemented each other particularly well. The third hit was chicken breast stuffed with apricots. Flavorful and juicy. The miss of the evening was my cassoulet. I thought cassoulet is supposed to be a moist mixture of garlicky white beans, duck and sausage, topped with breadcrumbs. This cassoulet was basically a bowl full of breadcrumbs containing chunks of dry sausage and duck with a layer of white beans at the bottom. Dry and flavorless, not a hint of garlic. However, considering the newness of the restaurant, kinks are to be expected. The restaurant is awaiting a liquor license, so BYOB. Try Chubby's Liquor Store down the street with a tiny adjacent room specializing in Portuguese wines. A pleasant end to the evening was the bill, $38 for two (not incl. the wine). Pleasant decor, upscale food, and close to home - we will be returning often!