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Chip or Dip, which comes first?


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Chip or Dip, which comes first?

KaimukiMan | | Jun 19, 2013 01:46 PM

I was sitting there munching on some generic/store brand 'woven wheat crackers' and a popular storebought blend of chickpeas and other ingredients that could possibly be considered hummus in the most general terms.

As I was eyeballing proportions so that I didn't end up with either a half box of crackers or a half tub of 'dip' left over I started wondering if the dip was a condiment to accentuate the taste and texture of the chip, if the chip was a delivery vehicle for the dip, or if the two were a well balanced combination to be enjoyed as a single entity.

Now part of that depends on the chip and the dip involved. I tend to lean slightly toward the 'dip delivery vehicle' as I normally would not eat trisc... er... woven wheat crackers by themselves, but i was wondering which side other chowhounds came down on. (I have been known to down a large number of other type of crackers without dip,)