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chez marcelle, blythe st, london


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chez marcelle, blythe st, london

howler | | Sep 12, 2009 03:26 AM

this small (and clean) restaurant is run by grandmotherly marcelle almost single handedly, so dishes come to the table erratically.

limster, greedy girl, j fores (and company), myself met for a meal here. the consensus: mezze a lot better than the mains. indeed, i thought both the foul dishes excellent: one was was a riff on muqqala, this time with onions and the other was a butter soaked mudammas with brown fava beans and mashed chick peas. not all the mezze found favour with everyone though - i think that greedy girl didn't much like the labneh (i thought it standard).

the eggplant and meat dish with rice was the least popular main, but i really liked the shish taouk - nice char and not dry at all (excellen toom to boot) - and the lamb kefta. i suspect that marcelle's kebabs will always beat her other dishes, but i'll need to eat there a few more times before definitively coming to that conclusion.

bottom line: charming and certainly better than the al dars, randa's and ranoushes. doesn't obviously have the depth of an ishbilya kitchen, but certainly more homey to make up.

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