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Chefs coming to Boston...

BeantownHound | | Feb 25, 2008 03:37 PM

So I was reading an article on Ken Oringer(not my favorite chef in town but..) in a New England Restaurant magazine and it was talking about how chef's from Boston often branch out and go to other cities, as do chefs in other major food areas, but they don't tend to come to Boston, per se. Just a few examples Todd English started his restaurant empire in Boston and is now in NYC, Vegas, DC, etc. etc. Fabio Trabocchi was a heralded chef in the DC area and transplanted to NYC at Fiamma to NYTimes 3 star status, Batali is now in Vegas and soon LA, Tom Colichio is in LA and Vegas and Dallas, and the list goes on. Eric Ripert is opening(or at least consulting) a place in Philly. Jean Georges is is Minneapolis for crying out loud! LA, Vegas, Miami, NYC, DC, SanFran, all over...So why is it that Boston doesn't have this influx of chefs coming to open places here? Is it because of size, potential oversaturation, high real estate, or does nobody love us, like an unwanted red-head stepchild of the food world?

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