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rei309 | | Apr 19, 2008 10:57 AM

Hey all -

Im new here, just found out about this place and you're all awesome! Anyway, Im from Brooklyn (actually live on E 14th and J.. Walk by DiFaras everyday and laugh that its the only nonkosher place to go in the neighborhood...) and my boyfriend is coming in to visit - and hes cheaaap. Really cheap - so all you crazy Chow-ers out there, help me out. Im used to just using Smith St as my back up but I dont know if some of the prices there are gonna appeal to him and he eats alot. Like a linebacker - and I dont want to send his whole visit listening to whining about prices - so heres the thing. I need that pie in the sky, fanciful place that is at all times tasty, big portions and cheap. Help! It doesnt need to be in Brooklyn - anwhere is fine I know the city and the outerboroughs pretty well by car and subway and well, if not? Thats what google maps is for right?


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