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What's up with Charbay Vodka?


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What's up with Charbay Vodka?

AnneInMpls | | Feb 26, 2009 08:57 AM

I'm very sad, because I can't find Charbay's Blood Orange vodka or Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka anywhere! All I see is the plain and the Green Tea. I'm in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but I also checked in Portland last week - same limited selection.

I like all the Charbay vodkas, but I've become addicted to these two flavors. As I learned at Cempazuchi in Milwaukee, the grapefruit vodka makes a DYNAMITE Paloma. And I do love the Blood Orange vodka in my Cosmos (I know, how passe - but soon the Cosmo will be retro cool).

I asked a high-end liquor store to order these flavors for me, but they say the local distributor is out, and has been for weeks. Oh, WOE!

Is this a national problem? Does Charbay even still make their full line of flavored vodkas? I'm addicted, and I'm starting to go through withdrawal!