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Catch in WIlmington is exactly that


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Catch in WIlmington is exactly that

samanh | | Nov 17, 2009 06:40 PM

Recently been to a cozy neighborhood place in Philadelphia and enjoyed the BYOB experience and the family owned atmosphere. What could be better than authentic Italian dishes prepared with pride, wine of your choice and a reasonable bill?
I thought the same about Catch in Wilmington,even though it serves modern seafood cuisine with an asian touch. Catch is cozy in that coziness aptly describes more than one aspect of the experience there. It's coziness lies in its physical structure which does not really allow large parties to dominate. With two bar like counters where people can only sit side by side, it lends itself to intimacy by eliminating the ability of any one person to hold the attention or more than 2 others. Everyone really has to lean together, huddle over their food and be comfortable sharing space. On a chilly night, I really enjoyed this with old friends and family. The other aspect of the coziness was the accommodating staff and the chef who came out to talk and seemed interested in our questions and our opinions.
The food was incredible. Firecracker shrimp, Saigon Salad, and Sweet Potato Salad were amazing. The fried seafood platter was lightly fried and well seasoned. I thought the Drunken noodles were ok; everyone seemed to really like it. The soup special was well done. fish and coconut milk broth---almost like a lightly spiced thai soup which the chef got just right. Being Asian, we just loved the fusion of local ingredients with Asian sauces and spices.
We're definitely looking forward to coming back.-COLLAPSE (by samanh, updated November 17, 2009)

215 Princess St, Wilmington, NC 28401