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Cast Iron and Carbon Steel - what utensils do I use?


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Cast Iron and Carbon Steel - what utensils do I use?

kimcantcook | Feb 27, 2013 03:35 PM

Hello everyone - newbie here. I'm T-R-Y-I-N-G to learn how to cook at age 40 (yeah, I know lol). I mean, I can cook - just limited skills I guess. I've been trolling these discussion boards and wow, talk about vast knowledge. I do have a few specific questions.

So - I'm upgrading from my non-stick that are around 10 years old (BJ's Brand - no visible issues with surface ... amazing right!). Thanks to the posts here, I've decided on:

- Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Chicken Fryer with Iron Cover, 5-Quart
- Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet (cover from Fryer will fit this)
- DeBuyer Mineral B Element Country Cheff Iron Pan, 12.6-Inch Round
- DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Frypan, 12.6-Inch Round
- DeBuyer Blue steel crepe pan (never made a crepe in my life, apparently they rock for eggs tho)

Of course, I'll be adding to this list (suggestions welcome - especially need help for something to cook acidic foods like tomatoe sauce etc in).

I'm learning alot, but can't find an answer to this burning question - can someone confirm that in the above pans I should only use wood or silicon/plastic utensils vs metal. I'm guessing the metal will scrape off the much earned seasoning.

If so, then can anyone recommend some good quality utensils? I just don't have good luck. I keep breaking the spoons and spatulas (no I'm NOT lifting bricks). Had Kitchen Aid, Tfal, bamboo. Either they eventurally break, or the front of the spatula gets all bunky ( i need to trim the plastic now and then) and they lose their "edge".

Would also like to get a griddle to make pancakes or something (can make more at once than in the pan). I have a crappy rental electric stove for now - assuming I'll need to put the griddle over 2 burners. What material works best - CI / AL in this situation.

That's all for now .... thank you in advance (and thanks for reading my mini novel haha)

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