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Cask-enhanced Single Malts: Your thoughts?


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Cask-enhanced Single Malts: Your thoughts?

BigWoodenSpoon | | Nov 17, 2008 01:05 PM

My husband LOVES Scotch.

His birthday & the holidays are fast approaching and I've seen some intriguing possibilities combining high-end wine and other spirits casks & Scotch: Sauternes, Cote du Rhone Syrah & Bourbon, Rum, etc.

Has anyone tried the Glenmorange Necta D'Or?
1990 Macallan 17 yr Cask Strength Murray McDavid Mission Gold Haut Brion Cask?
1993 Mortach 12 yr old Murray McDavid Bourbon/Guigal Cote du Rhone Syrah Cask?
1991 Springbank 16 yr. old Rum Cask Cask Strength?

1991 Glenrothes has been the current favorite, but he likes all styles.
I got him a Blackadder bottling of a Caol Ila last year that was amazing, but fairly pricey.
Looking for WOW factor on a more conservative budget this year.

Has anyone tried the 1989 Bruichladdich 18 yr old from Signatory?

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!