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Who's carving your turkey? Whats your method?


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Who's carving your turkey? Whats your method?

glorypea | Nov 21, 2007 07:16 AM

Nice article in todays Times food section ( about carving the bird. I was surprised and pleased to see that we already use the method they describe (no, we're not butchers!). We always carve in the kitchen and then arrange everything back into a turkey shape on a beautiful platter. We carve off all the parts whole and then cut them into serving sizes - the breast, especially, is unbeatable this way. The job goes to my husband, who relishes it (great knife skills!). We have a beautiful carving set that belonged to my great grandparents, but it usually gets abandonded for a nice, sharp contemporary slicing knife out of our block.
What do you do? Whose job is it at your house?

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