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Candy for the Tricksters! What did you get?


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Candy for the Tricksters! What did you get?

Dommy | Oct 24, 2006 11:17 PM

Well I just came from Target a short while ago and spend $40 on Candy for the Tricksters (My neighborhood has a TON of kids! ) I actually really enjoy doing it and having a BIG selection of candy for the kids. Aside from the big brands I worked on (I still consider them my babies... )... I made sure to get...

* This cool pack of three types of Kit Kats... Regular, White Chocolate, and Triple Chocolate!

* A bag of mini Take 5s.. the most evil candy ever invented... I'm horribly bitter that we didn't invent it, but slightly glad that we also didn't either because having a free stash of those would have been the death of my waistline...

So I was curious.... what candy and things do the hounds give out... (And then hope to have some left over after... ;) )?


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