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Buying frozen shrimps


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Buying frozen shrimps

Dio Seijuro | | Sep 29, 2010 09:24 AM

Mostly I am wondering what's good frozen shrimp brands to buy? Or can I request at a farmer/super market the same kind of shrimp as they have on display, but frozen? And is that better than pre-packaged brands?

I prefer shell-on head-on.

The reason I am asking particularly about frozen shrimps is because for many of the Asian dishes I make at home, I only need a few shrimps at a time. Even for pasta and seafood stews, I only need a handful each time. I don't want to buy a few shrimps every time I cook such dishes. I'd prefer to buy maybe a few pounds at a time frozen that I can thaw out however much I need. I don't want to buy the fresh shrimp on display at seafood counters since I'd most likely damage them by re-freezing them at home.

The problem is there are many options and I don't want to test out the bad ones. Suggestions appreciated!

PS: I have access to Whole Foods and huge Korean/Japanese operated supermarkets.

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