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Buttermilk Kitchen review


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Buttermilk Kitchen review

jboeke | | Oct 14, 2012 07:23 AM

Went to try out the new brunch spot Buttermilk Kitchen today, since its just a couple miles from home and I like Hungry Peach already (same owner). It was hubby, 2-yr old, infant, and me. I'll sum it up that we had a very mixed experience and we won't go back. First impression - we got there before 9:00am on Sunday and only 3-4 tables were full, yet we were told to wait a few minutes...?? As far as seating, I understand they tried to use reclaimed materials, but I was just glad to be wearing jeans because that burlap-covered seat would not have been friendly if I was wearing shorts. We order drinks - 2 coffees and a milk. French press comes out for coffee, which I'm not a big fan of mostly because I am not capable of pressing it down without letting some grounds out, but I know plenty of people like this. But the sugar canister on the table is full of that raw sugar stuff, and it's already solidifying into a block, so it wouldn't pour and we had to unscrew the top to get any out. Now the big ugly - the milk for my child. There couldn't have been more than 4oz. in the cup they brought out, so I asked the server to fill it some more and she said that was all we got for one drink, so she could charge me for a second one. My husband almost walked out right then. If we're going to spend $50 on brunch for 3 people, my $2 cup of milk had better be full. The nickel-and-dime attitude was a huge turnoff, especially when I saw the next table over with 2 children get cups that had close to double what we did (maybe they paid for 2?). Food was very good - I had biscuits and gravy and hubby had blueberry cobbler pancakes. Both were wonderful, so I give full credit for the food quality. Finally, when we left, there were 4 people sitting in the entry waiting to be seated, yet the place was still maybe half full. So between the seating delay (are they not staffing enough??) and the tacky approach to the milk, we won't go back. Lunch menu looked great, so maybe an adults-only lunch would be the way to go, but this part of town is full of families so I think they will struggle if they don't make some adjustments (almost half the tables this morning had kids age 5 and under).