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Budapest- Onyx

Palladium | | Apr 22, 2014 12:16 PM

Booked here for 8, mistakenly arrived at 7. Whoops! We offered to come back, but they would not hear of it and graciously sat us down. This was a good sign and, indeed, the service was top-notch: a server described each dish as they were placed -simultaneously!- in front of us. The sommelier also talked a little bit about each wine as he poured. We were made to feel comfortable and everyone we interacted with was personable and friendly. I also thought everything was very well-timed.

We had the Hungarian Evolution Menu, which is 6 courses, but after the amuse, pre-dessert, petit fours and whatnot, is closer to a 10-courser. We were glad we got there at 7, because we did not finish until 10:30.

They had the most lavish bread spread I've ever seen, presented on a cart. The server offered to put together a selection for us- a little bit of everything. My favourite was the little cabbage roll pastry.

Himself had the wine pairing, which was excellent. I particularly liked the goose liver (three variations of goose liver pate, one with a rhubarb jelly shell which worked beautifully), the "sour" egg (I am a big fan of marrow), and the fawn. The goulash was a sort of reduced and concentrated soup, with a beef ravioli (raviolo?). It was very rich, unctuous, but not overbearing or oily.The ravioli strongly reminded me- not in a bad way- of a wonton. Actually, several elements reminded me of Asian food: the ravioli/wonton, the ginger sauce in the fawn dish, and the pre-dessert of sorbet with pineapple and chilli. Both my husband and I immediately remembered walking along the river in Hue eating hot sauce smothered pineapple chunks on a stick.

All in all, a great meal. We were glad that we'd had a very light day, food-wise, because we were stuffed! God only knows how others dealt with the longer menu! Luckily, the restaurant was only a few minutes' walk from the hotel.

I really like that they have two vegetarian tasting menus, as well. I would have totally gone for one, if Himself would have agreed, but the whole table needs to order the same tasting menu.

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