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Brussels Beer Report

The Dive | | Jun 30, 2008 01:18 PM

Again, I typically post beer reports on location boards, but this is more about the beer.

Delirium Café (Brussels): Delirium is fantastic, large downstairs bar room with a HUGE bottle list and maybe 10-15 beers on tap. We got there in the early afternoon and stayed until early morning, with a break to go get dinner nearby (fantastic mussels and eel). We consumed many, many beers.

Rulles Trippel: (tap) well-balanced trippel; we really liked this, thought it was a bit better than the Estivale, which was not too shabby itself
Rulles Estivale: (tap) nice hoppy Belgian, but finish not quite as interesting as the trippel
La Divine: (bottle) strong caramel flavor without much sweetness. Delicious – very buttery and rich
Bons Voeux: (bottle) Brasserie Dupont. A little bret, maybe a bit like Omeggedan. Quite good.
Artevelde Grand Cru: (bottle) surprisingly refreshing dark beer, as the menu says. Not heavy. Quite good…very drinkable.
Gaspar: (bottle) one of the best hoppy Belgians. Nice to have it again (they had it once in bottles at The Trappist in Oakland, but haven't had it since) —maybe tasted even better in Belgium (pre-shipping).
Bush Amber: (tap) Brasserie Dubuisson. Very tasty, with strong banana flavor. This is a strong one (12% I think).
St. Feuillien Trippel: (tap) crisp and tasty. Maybe not that noteworthy, but a quintessential trippel and well done. We decided that the Ruilles trippel gets a slight edge, but only slight.
Reinhaert Grand Cru: (bottle) caramel, but with a bitter edge. Very good and sweet.
Reinhaert Trippel: (bottle) hoppy, but still another quintessential trippel. Very nice.
BOCQ Christmas: (bottle) subtle, but very tasty and sweet.
Leroy Christmas: (bottle) excellent. We were divided on which Christmas beer was better.
Fantome de Noel: (bottle) strong, traditional style, bitter and excellent. Very good. Very very good. Tasty, tasty, tasty.
Slaghmuylder’s Paasbier: (bottle) Easter beer, with strong banana flavor
Brugge Trippel: (bottle) great!
Barbar: (bottle) just okay!
La Greopparde: (bottle) hoppy. Smooth and mellow, but sharp after taste.
Witkap Tripel: (bottle) very good tripel.
Quintine Blonde: (bottle) delicious
Gouden Carolus D’Or Cuvee Van De Keizer: (bottle) so good! One of the best beers ever; caramel apple flavors. (This one really was fantastic. I am not sure if we had the '06 or '07 at Delirium. We shipped back 2 bottles of the '07 from the Cracked Kettle in Amsterdam, just broke out the first one the other night and it was just as good as we recalled).