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Brunch at the Dutch

kathryn | | Oct 9, 2011 05:52 PM

I had a very nice but not earth-shatteringly good brunch at the Dutch today.

We loved the pastry board. Wonderful, perfectly fluffy, glazed buttermilk doughnut that was also wonderfully tangy. It had a very nice buttermilk flavor. A textbook perfect blueberry muffin, served warm. I loved the crumb topping of the muffin, light and sweet. And the apple-cheddar scone was fantastic as well. Great taste and texture. Lightly browned cheddar on top. All served with whipped butter and jam which we thought was a cross between raspberry and blackberry? blueberry? (maybe it was boysenberry).

My fried chicken was overall quite good. Very moist. I didn't hit a dry spot while eating, which rarely happens! Three pieces to an order. Nice crust on the batter. But I don't think the batter really needs the spices (paprika or cayenne or something red) in it, it seemed to be a little over-thought/over-worked. Very juicy, and lots of hot cooked fat just under the skin, so watch your clothing (and face)!

I asked for some housemade hot sauce that I'd spied at a neighboring table, and also some maple syrup, which they graciously brought. The hot sauce was OK. Needed to be more vinegar-y IMO. Excellent honey biscuits, nice texture, very buttery, almost as good as the biscuits from Minetta Tavern's brunch. I only wish they were bigger.

Husbands pork and egg roll was great. Basically an excellent pulled pork sandwich with a gooey fried egg on top. Lots of sauce and slaw everywhere. Delicious but very, very messy.

Service was good but a little aloof. The room didn't seem very full when we got there at 11:30am, but was pretty busy after that -- probably a short (like 20 min) wait for walk-ins. Buzzy atmosphere but not too loud.

They do take reservations, which was nice. A good option for Soho brunches, especially if you've done Balthazar too many times.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012