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Brown Jug - Who Knew?


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Brown Jug - Who Knew?

Bob MacAdoo | | Nov 17, 2010 11:51 AM

Wow, I had a really great pizza today at the Brown Jug's in Chels-verett (or was that Chels-revere?) The Za was much, much better than I've had at Santarpio's - thin, thin crust, a nice crunch on the bottom, with a nice black char, ground fresh tomato base, and perfectly layered cheese, a little bubbly, with a hint of oil on the top. Not too chewy, just right. Yes, this was the pizza that I think about when I think of my college day visits to Eastie.

The cheese pizza was $9 for a six slice, 14 inch pie. It was marvelous. The only challenge is finding this place. I literally stumbled across it during a last minute visit to Home Depot. I was lucky to spot the place across the lot, behind the Mickey D's. It's on the eastbound side of Route 16 heading toward Revere, just after the Route 1 North entrance.

Thanks CH'ers for the tip. Ever if it took me along the lines of 6 years to find the place!

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