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Brooklyn Bar Crawl

SissyGreen | | May 5, 2009 10:22 AM

Hi all,

I also asked this in the Manhattan forum and got some helpful responses for Manhattan. One of the posters suggested Brooklyn as a destination so here we go, am hoping for more details! Would like suggestions and recommendations of an area in Brooklyn NYC where we can bar hop for an evening, so that the bars are close enough to walk to the next one, or get the subway. Basically I've been to NY a number of times but mainly done the tourist attractions and when I have had a night out its either been a dinner or a cab to one bar for the evening and I would love a native New Yorker to tell me where to head!

To try and explain what I'm after, here in London I could tell someone to head to a particular tube station in a lively area and suggest 4 or 5 pubs/bars they might want to visit over the course of an evening all within walking distance or a short tube ride away and include a suggestion of a place to finish up that would be open later if they got late night slightly drunken inspiration! I've never managed this in NYC and always feel like I'm missing out, so I'd love some suggestions from you guys. Usually we pick somewhere from a guide book or another recommendation and get a cab straight there and then do the same when we want to move on - would love to just find an area we could hang out in all night! I know there must be somewhere, I've just managed that horrible thing of always just missing it!

Am pretty open minded but would be cool if the bars werent overly touristy, I didnt come all the way from London to hang out with other English people (although I wouldnt not go to a fab bar just because it is popular with tourists too.)

All help appreciated.


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