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Bringhurst's meats in Tansboro


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Bringhurst's meats in Tansboro

rudywill | | Feb 8, 2008 09:29 AM

I had read an article about this place in the local paper and when I asked around I had 2 friends who reccomended it. Genuine butcher (does their own slaughtering), their own smoked meats and reasonabley priced. I went yesterday and though it is out of the way-near Winslow NJ- it was as promised. I went in hungry. I came out with sirloin steaks,brisket, tri-tip roasts, 5 kinds of sausage, 3 kinds of bacon and goat stew meat. I grilled the brisket and sirloin for dinner-right up there with the best I have had. I grabbed some of their bacon ends (at about 1.40 a lb) and cooked them up, adding some vegetable soup at the end. Wow-great bacon. Right now I am eating a grilled kielbasa-flat out the best I ever had-I am not generally a fan but it was just there looking at me. For dinner tonight-bean soup with their kielbasa and bacon. Oh yeah-I had the breakfsat sausage for breakfast and it was good too, though not spactacular. If you are close it is definitely worth it. It's on the way to the shore and I think summer weekends must be packed in there. Sausage at every meal-maybe I should invest in my own defibrillator.

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