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Bread issue situation


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Bread issue situation

fois_gratitude | Nov 12, 2007 03:34 PM

The bread thread got me thinking about another situation: Requesting bread (or any other similiar "free" starter that a particular restaurant offers) at the bar when you have no intention of ordering food.

Is this acceptable?

I understand that the bar customers typically will consume at least a couple drinks, maybe buy other people cocktails as well. But does it seem a slight bit rude and presumptious when - at the very least - they could order a small appetizer to accompany the bread?

Then there are the people that imbibe a bit much of whatever they might be drinking and need something to "absorb" the alcohol (although I don't think it has been proven to help in sobering up anyone, same with caffeine I think). Is it the bars/bartenders responsibility to provide something? Even when this patron could have taken a different approach to their night and maybe eaten earlier or not have drank so much?

Just wondering what others might think...

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