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Bone broth mystery


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Bone broth mystery

kjbnyc | Sep 24, 2012 04:09 PM

After an adverse reaction to a medication that caused moderate tendinitis, I was recommened to consume a bone broth. I recently switched slow cookers and never thought that one change would cause such a big difference in the end product. I'm hoping someone here could offer advice as to what I should tweak with the new slow cooker to get that delicious broth I was getting with the old slow cooker. Here's my story.........

For the last eight months, I have been making a broth that consisted of bones (including marrow), carrots, celery and some apple cider vinegar. I would cook it in this slow cooker for the first 2 hours on high and the remaining 22 hours on low. http://www.crock-pot.com/product.aspx...

There wouldn't be much to skim off the top at any point. And towards the end of cooking, the broth would be slightly bubbling. I would strain it through a cheese cloth and leave it in the fridge overnight. Next morning, I'd remove the fat and store in various containers in the freezer.

I've recently made a batch in a new slow cooker - http://store.calphalon.com/calphalon-.... All other variables remain the same, i.e. food, process, etc. and yet there were some differing aspects that have me perplexed. The broth formed a film on top that I had noticed around 15 hours in. I scraped it off and it formed again several hours later. It also never bubbled up. Once cooking was done, the appearnce of the broth was different. It appeared to contain A LOT more sediment. Even after straining and cooling, there was a layer of sediment at the bottom of the broth, which had not been the case previously. I scrubbed the bones, just as I always do, so I really think it's the new slow cooker. Should it cook longer? Less? Are there any other tweaks you would recommened?

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