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bloc 11 and kick*ss cupcakes-yay sugarbuzz!


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bloc 11 and kick*ss cupcakes-yay sugarbuzz!

bernie71 | | Oct 27, 2007 07:06 PM

my sweet tooth led me down a wicked trail while running errands today! i popped into bloc 11 to see if they had anything sweet, and to check the place out. very neat space and all the workers were very friendly and hospitable. i loved the nooks and wider front seating space. i got a raspberry shortbread bar and it was pretty yummy. i get the same ones at rosies bakery so i am guessing they also get them from rosies. they are building a patio on the side for outdoor seating-that will be a great alternative to neighborhood rest nearby. im pretty psyched about how union sq is getting hipper by the minute.

i then was driving to davis and there was a parking space right next to kick*ss. so i HAD to try, right? the vibe was as others have said, not the friendliest. i was suprised at how small the space was. it is really set up to get your stuff and go. i do like how the cases are see through so you can see the decorating happen behind the scenes. i got a simple yellow with chocolate frost and a vegan punk-cin and left before i could do more damage to my cavities. yellow cake was suprisingly dry but i have had worse. the choc frost was good. simple straightforward and CHOCOLATE. it was not a buttercream but a really nice fudgy and firm texture. if the cake was a bit more moist it would have been heaven. the vegan punk-cin was really really moist and tasty. i was really impressed with the flavors. the cake was pumkpin with a touch of something (five spice? cardomom?). the frost was a really nice cin, spice and sugar. i couldnt believe that after all i had consumed-i really wanted to go back and get another vegan cupcake!
I wasnt to put off by the price of the cupcakes. i have spent the same or more on not so great stuff. I feel that the quality of the baking is good and i will go back for vegan cupcakes for sure! i will just have to try more product to further my "research"
i do hope they come out with a mini muffin line where i can try more for less dollars each-more fun-more yum